Author: Atalie Hamilton

While it may seem easier to break up your buds by hand, using a grinder has a wide range of benefits that make it well worth the investment. Here are just a few reasons why you should grind your weed.

1. Better Consistency

One of the most significant benefits of grinding your weed is that it results in a more consistent material. When you use your hands to break up your buds, you’re likely to end up with bits and pieces in various sizes, this can be great when you want to roll a blunt or something that needs a little bigger bud pieces. Having inconsistency when breaking up your bud can result in an uneven burn and a less enjoyable smoking experience when using a bowl or rolling a joint.

Using a grinder ensures that your weed is ground to the same consistency every time.

2. Increased Potency

When your weed is ground, it exposes a greater surface area and a more even surface area to the flame. As a result, the heat can reach more of the bud, which allows for more efficient use of THC. This means that when you grind your weed, you can get more out of each hit, resulting in a more potent high.

3. Less Waste
When you break up your weed by hand, you’re likely to lose some of it in the process. This can be particularly frustrating if you are dealing with a high-quality bud you don’t want to waste. Using a grinder ensures that you are able to capture all of your weed, resulting in less waste
and more bang for your buck.

In conclusion, grinding your weed is well worth the investment. So, the next time you light up, consider investing in a grinder – your high will thank you for it.


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