We all have THAT friend, the one who steals every lighter they get their hands on! And most lighter thieves I’ve come across don’t even realize that they have stolen a lighter, until they empty their pockets and have a one in every color. With that said let’s discuss some ways one could possibly steal a lighter…

So, there’s the old “Can I borrow your lighter to light my cigarette and I’ll bring it right back” and that’s the last time you ever saw that lighter!

Then we’ve got the “Hey I loaded a bowl does anyone have a lighter?” Then naturally when the bowl gets low the owner of the pipe cashes the pipe out, then pockets the pipe and YOUR lighter. Another one bites the dust.

And look out, every lighter thief knows that an unattended lighter is “Fair Game,” that BIC is as good as gone.

Any way you look at it, if you smoke ANYTHING, whether you know it or not, you’re a player in the Lighter Game! And there’s really only one rule to said game, if you steal a lighter (known or accidental) and the owner catches you with their lighter you must return the stolen lighter.

Keep an Eye on Your Lighter!

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