Diamonds: [ˈdī(ə)mənds] PLURAL NOUN

A precious stone consisting of a colorless crystalline form of pure carbon, the hardest naturally occurring substance.

Our Diamonds are a concentrated form of marijuana and are made from combing plant materials with a solvent. Then we run multiple purging cycles to remove any remaining solvents. Diamonds are the final step in the extraction process and just as the real thing, our diamonds are formed under pressure over a long period of time. Cannabis Diamonds are crystalline versions of isolated THCA. Our Diamonds literally look like real diamonds, and they are as the name suggests, the best of the best! SUPER potent and very easy to consume. 

Crystalline or cannabis Diamonds are versatile and a great option for enjoying the benefits of the plant without having to smoke a traditional “bowl.” If you are new to dabs, tread lightly with Diamonds, but then again if you are looking for the next level high, add some Diamonds to your dabbing routine.

If you ask me Diamonds are everyone’s best friend!

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