Author: Atalie Hamilton

Have you ever wondered about the difference between vape cartridges? What is the difference between live and cured? In this article we are going to discuss the vape options available here at 710 Montana and what makes them unique!

Let’s talk about distillate. This concentrate is a viscous, mostly translucent extract that has gone through the removal of many unwanted compounds (waxes, chlorophyll, etc..) found in the plant or unrefined concentrates. Distillate often packs a punch with its cannabinoid potency. Properly processed distillate can be more than 90% pure THC. The process of distillation makes it so the concentrate extractor is able to isolate specific compounds of the cannabis plant by heating and recondensing a crude liquid extract.

Cured Liquid resin, is made with dried and cured cannabis flowers and is typically made with solvent-based hydrocarbon extraction. Why Cure instead of Live? Curing your flower creates a cleaner, smoother smoke, and enhanced complexity of flavor similar to the raw flowers you smoke traditionally. Many terpenes, which help give cannabis its unique smell and flavor, are quite sensitive and can degrade and evaporate at temperatures as low as 50°F. When a flower is slowly dried and cured at low temperatures terpenes will be preserved better.

Live Liquid Resin is made the exact same way as cured resin except there is one key difference and that’s your starting material. While the cured resin is made with dried flowers, live resin is made using still-living fresh plants. Live concentrates are made by freezing the trichomes on the still-living plant. This is accomplished by harvesting the plant and getting the flowers and sugar leaves immediately frozen before the plant has any time to dry or decay.
Why Live instead of Cured? It allows for a flavorful and unadulterated end product since it prevents the terpenes from being damaged or changed before extraction. Live resin is popular because of its ability to preserve fresh plant terpenes that may be changed during the curing process and it retains the flavor profile of the original marijuana plant.

Terp sauce or H.T.E. (high terpene extract) is a concentrate that contains high levels of terpenes. After the initial extraction of terpenes and cannabinoids, it then goes through a process that lets the THCA and terpene separation occur. Crystallization, also known as “diamond mining,” is used to isolate THC as well as concentrate terpene fractions for further use. Our sauce is then separated from the diamonds and used for cartridges.
The cannabinoids act as the foundation that holds the high/medical benefits together. The lighter compounds (terpenes, terpenoids, essential oils, etc..) act as doors, windows, hallways and rooms to bring it all together and play a huge part in how the house feels, looks and functions. To understand terpenes, we need to understand our Cannabinoids and what they are.

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