710 is the recognized holiday for celebrating AND smoking cannabis concentrates, more commonly referred to as “dabs.” Just like 420 is celebrated on the 20th of April, 710 is the term used to represent cannabis extracts, specifically on the 10th of July, or (wait for it . . .) 7/10!

The actual number 710 spells out the word “OIL” when turned backwards and placed upside down. Oil is a word used to describe cannabis concentrates and extracts such as, shatter, crumble, badder, caviar, hash, sauce, diamonds, etc.

Here at 710 Montana we specialize in cannabis extracts and carry many different forms of dabs. It’s in our name!

So, in short 710 is the dabber’s holiday…it’s OUR HOLIDAY!!! Let’s celebrate dabs in all their forms.

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How Do YOU 710??

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