Terpenes are among the most important organic compounds present on earth! And their uses are incredibly diverse. Almost all plants produce terpenes in some form or another, and cannabis is no exception. While terpenes have many natural functions, one of the most immediately recognizable is their ability to express intense aromas and flavors. They are responsible for the floral, fruity, and spicy fragrances in plants and flowers.

Terpenes are much, much more than alluring fragrances and flavors. Scientific studies testify as to the various medicinal, biological, and industrial potential of these simple compounds. Terpenes are responsible for differentiating the effects of various cannabis strains. Some terpenes induce relaxation and stress relief, while others promote motivation and awareness.

Myrcene is the most dominate terpene and is found in most cannabis strains. Myrcene is abundant in mangos and citrus fruits, it allows for greater psychoactivity, and induces deep relaxation. Pinene is another very common cannabis terpene. Found in pine needles, Pinene is an anti-inflammatory that is known to alleviate asthma, it also reduces memory loss associated with THC. Limonene is naturally occurring in citrus rinds and is used for treating depression and anxiety. Humulene is found in cloves and hops and is known for suppressing appetite and increasing the bodies absorption of cannabinoids. Another predominant terpene is Linalool, which is found in lavender and mint. It is relaxing and recognized for its sedative properties.

Think of your favorite strain… why do you love it? Taste, effect? Look it up, google it, find on Leafly.com, and read about its terpene profile. And the next time your favorite strain isn’t available you’ll know what terpenes to be on the search for.

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