Author: Atalie Hamilton

Having trouble rolling a proper crutch? 710 Montana is here to help!

Why do you want a crutch? The purpose of a crutch is to not only keep any “scoobies” or “flower” from entering your mouth while you smoking, creating a more pleasant experience. The crutch also helps keep your fingers from getting burned as the joint is being smoked and helps catch some resin from getting on your lips or in your mouth. This is the most widely used rolling technique throughout the cannabis community! Functionality and easy design has brought this technique through decades of rolling!

If your rolling papers do not come with crutch papers you can cut off a rectangle strip from a business card or any paper that has a thicker feel to it. Typically you will want to make your crutch 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. The width of the crutch will determine how long your filter is, and the length will determine the circumference of the filter. The size is up to you.

Take your crutch (aka your filter tip) and fold a small piece of the end so that it creates a small rectangle shape. Keeping that rectangle folded over, repeat two more times, folding it in the opposite direction. (If you were to unfold both, it looks similar to a “W”). Remember one side of your crutch should still be long because the remainder of the paper hasn’t been folded/rolled.

Now we can start wrapping all the excess paper around the “W” we created. Use your fingers, clamp the “W” shape closed and proceed to wrap the unfolded paper around the “W” shape so that by the end your excess paper is wrapped around the “W” shape, creating a circle around it on both ends. You can wrap your crutch as tight or as loose as you need depending on the joint size you are interested in. And there you have it! Your crutch is ready to be used in your next joint! There are many different ways to create the inside design of your crutch! Get creative!


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