The indica, sativa, and hybrid system is super convenient, especially amongst the vast and overwhelming world of cannabis. With so many strains and products to choose from, we all have to start somewhere.

Physically sativas grow taller, and generally have move of a stretched out look. Both the plant and the actual buds take on this same look. While indica plants have a tendency to grow shorter and more bulky. Indica buds are more dense and appear fuller in comparison to an elongated, lengthy sativa bud.

When discussing effect, we’ve been made to believe that all sativas will give you energy and that all indicas will put you to sleep, you know “indica, in da couch.” But this simply is not true. A better starting point is to look the into terpenes of a specific strain.

Sativas tend to have an uplifting, cerebral effect, where indicas tend to deliver a relaxing, euphoric feeling. These results are mainly due to the terpene profile present in that particular strain. Many indicas tend to have elevated levels of Myrcene, which will cause a couch lock, relaxed effect. On the other hand, many sativas are high in Pinene which is known to increase energy and alertness.

Watch for our next blog as we will dive much deeper into Terpenes and their effects and medical benefits.

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