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With so many opinions about dabs and so many ways to take a dab, let’s just break it down as simple as possible. Dabbing is an effective way to consume cannabis and is also a great ritual. We will discuss three common styles of dabbing and temperatures related to those styles. There is e-nail dabbing (which is easiest for most people), there is also a banger/bucket design dab, then is a straw style dab.

With an e-nail you simply attach the unit to your rig or bong, set your temperate and wait for it to heat up, insert your concentrate of choice, use a carb cap and inhale. Be sure to clean out your nail with a cotton swab after every use. 

With a banger style dab, things become a bit more complicated but don’t get intimated! You’ll need a bucket style quartz banger attached to a rig or bong, and a torch. Have the desired amount of your concentrate ready to insert into the banger, set aside, evenly heat your banger until a slight glow appears. (This part takes a bit of trial and error as everyone prefers a different temperature dab.) Time your dabs, heat time and cool time, to get the exact hit you want every time. Once your banger has cooled for a bit, insert your concentrate, cap the banger and inhale. 

A decent starting point is heating your banger for about 30 seconds and allowing it to cool for 45-50 seconds, then adjusting both times as needed. Also, be sure to clean your banger with a cotton swab after each hit.

There is also a cold start dab, in with you use the same banger style set up. In this process you load your concentrate first, before you heat it. Apply heat with a torch to a capped banger just until the dab starts to vaporize, then begin to inhale. This method allows more control over temperature and if you don’t get it hot enough the first try you can always reheat your dab. 

The straw style dab you use a glass straw or variation of titanium/silicone type straw and a torch. Prep your concentrate in a glass container or a heat proof mat, heat the end of your straw until a slight glow appears (and just like the banger dab), wait for it to cool a bit. Put the hot end of the straw to the container or mat, begin to inhale through the other end and lightly drag through your concentrate. Easy as that!


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