Sure, Elf on the Shelf is a super cool tradition! For kids and adults alike. It’s fun to hide the elf, set it up in different situations and scenarios and watch as the kids search to see what mischievous activity the elf is up to next. Well… here at 710 Montana we’ve been starting our own little traditions. All throughout the month of December until Christmas Eve, at all four of our locations we have a Snoop on the Stoop doll hidden somewhere in our shops. It is literally a replication of Snoop Dogg and is dressed as an elf. He’s even puffin’ on a joint (would you recognize him if he wasn’t smoking).

Come into any 710 Montana location, and mention you are looking for Snoop on the Stoop! If you find him hidden amongst our merch, stashed on one of the shelves, hanging from the corner of a picture, or chillin’ in the fridge, you’ll receive 5% off your total purchase. So, stop by and help us carry on this tradition for years to come. Happy Holidaze!! Stay safe and stay healthy.

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