With the change in weather, we are all doing more baking and cooking. We carry a few products that can really help elevate your edible game! Infused coconut oil, butter, and honey are a great addition to any recipe. You can add a lot or a little, depending on the recipe and your tolerance. 

Here are some easy ideas for you to incorporate in a hurry. Use some butter for twist on traditional garlic toast, or stir the whole ¼ cup into some macaroni and cheese. On the sweeter side, put some infused butter and honey on your pancakes or waffles, add a spoon full of each to a hot cup of coffee, or a bowl of oatmeal. 

Our coconut oil is strong so a little goes a long way! I love to mix chocolate chips and coconut oil, microwave until melted then use as an ice cream topper, it’s just like a magic shell. It is a great way to Sautee veggies, or to fry an egg. Movie night? Try combing the coconut oil and honey and drizzle over popped corn for a tasty, healthy and potent snack. 

Keep checking in!!! The next few blogs will feature infused seasonal recipes for you to make at home.

Watch for future blogs posted weekly!

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