Do you like infused edibles? Are you new to infused edibles? Then you should definitely check out our options here at 710 Montana! We have a wide variety of tasty treats sure to please everyone. With hard candies starting just under 5mg of THC to Chex Mix coming in at 130mg, there are many dosing options available. We carry seasonal goodies like, mint bark, pumpkin pie and peanut butter balls. And if you need something that is gluten free, we’ve got you covered with Funfetti Cookies but proceed with caution, these come in a three pack and each cookie is about 43mg of THC. Gummies, fruit chews and caramels come in different strengths and prices, we also carry sugar free fruit chews! We have cookies, brownies, butter cake, rice crispy treats and nerd ropes.

If you are more into tinctures, or cannacaps we have those too. Rick Simpson Oil has such amazing medicinal benefits so you know we carry that! We process the RSO and put in into syringes and capsules for easy administration, we also have a triple chocolate, salted toffee cookie made with RSO (it’s ok we are drooling too). Infused coconut oil or butter is always a great option for creating your own edible recipes at home. Our coconut oil comes in a 4-ounce jar and tests just under 300mg, a little goes a long way! And the butter, it is almost 83mg and comes in ¼ cup packages. Edibles made easy. 

Diane is the lovely lady in the kitchen, the name behind ALL our edibles and baked goods. She works way too hard. She is tough, sweet, caring and beyond talented. We often refer to Diane as our Grandma in the Kitchen, we are SO LUCKY to have her, her love, and all of her recipes!

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