The word “stoner” is a term used to describe someone who likes to get high on cannabis, regularly. Nobody is exactly sure where the term “stoned” came from. But, like many of it’s relative slang terms used to describe levels of intoxication, such as “hammered” or “smashed,” it may be referring to how someone might act if they were actually hit with a stone, disoriented and confused.

On the other hand, perhaps “stoned” was used to describe someone who had just smoked a huge bong rip of some super strong indica. Leaving them cough locked, sitting in one place and not moving, much like an actual stone. Then there are some people who believe that the term comes from the Italian word “stonato,” meaning bewildered or confused. These all sound like sensible theories to me!

Nowadays stoners can be anyone. Your old science teacher to your dentist. Even some former presidents have confessed to trying weed. Any sweeping generalizations made about stoners are becoming less and less as time progresses. Wherever the term “stoner” came from as we move into an era of greater acceptance for all types of people, we must keep in mind that everyone is unique, and being a stoner looks different for everyone.

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